About Lindsay Thomas

Videographer. Dipping my toes in photography.

It happened.

… I created a photography website for myself.

Well technically, I opened it in April 2012, but didn’t actually put upload photos until this month. Similar to the starting of my blog, I kept it as a secret–let’s be honest, probably for fear of failure.

I still feel like I don’t “deserve” one, but I kept running into situations where I wished I had a home for my small portfolio, to share with friends, family and maybe even… clients? Whoa, now don’t get ahead of yourself Lindsay…

So now my slowly growing body of work has a place to live. Stop by if you feel inclined!


sunday brunch-sushi style

Nothing sounds sketchier than an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet. But last weekend, I took someone’s recommendation to go stuff my face at Haiku, and have never been happier. I was like a little half-asian dumpling floating in a pool of ginger, smiles and rainbow rolls. It was quite delectable.

New things I can say I’ve eaten: octopus, salmon skin and mackerel.Haiku Sushi 01 Haiku Sushi 03 Haiku Sushi 01

whipped eggnog loaf cake

Fact: most people enjoy their eggnog during the holidays.

but y’know how there are people who like to arrive late to a party to make an entrance? Well this is the kind of post that wanted to make such a big entrance, and waited so long to show up that everyone had already left. aka. it is unseasonably late. {blogger apologies}

I made whipped eggnog cake, in the shape of… errrr… in the shape of… nevermind. It’s delicious, and great for the… err… holidays.

And on that note… Happy New Year!

Eggnog Cake 01Eggnog Cake 02

blingy pinecones

Christmas is upon us, and I had no ornaments. After graduation, I swore to keep clutter to a minimum, and figured the LAST THING I needed to do was store fragile, season-specific glass baubles that come out for less than 1/12 of the year.

They say you get soft with age… well call me old, because I bought 8 ornaments this year. The most beautiful, delicate, precious ornaments you will ever know. Mini beaded silver and gold pinecones.

Baby steps.

Mini Beaded Gold Pinecone

diy bookends

I never try do-it-yourself projects. Never. My over-arching skepticism has always prevented me from believing there is a happy ending to that story of hot glue guns, spray paint and sequins.

But, what’s that old saying? … “Never say never”? Well, I embarked on a journey of diy-bookends. It was a disaster. Long story short, if you ever visit my house, don’t touch the golden zebra with a floating butt–chances are high it will break in half.

DIY Bookends Mad in Crafts Zebra Dollar Store DIY Bookends Mad in Crafts Zebra Dollar Store

Dancers Among Us

Jordan Matter is a new dance photographer on the scene. A dance photographer with zero dance background (aka. automatic fail). However he has done the exact opposite of failing, he has artfully landed on the right combination of everyday-relatability, athleticism and general awesomeness to make mainstream America go cuckoo for his concept of dancers among us!

Example: the cover of Jordan Matter’s Dancers Among Us book

He threw out a challenge to come up with our own image of dancers among us. Here’s my entry… if you feel so inspired, please vote for me on his Contest Page.

Elizabeth Murphy & Sarah Pasch at the alley.