I’m ok at photographing people that I know

I still stand by my blog’s original name, but I am expanding my photo horizons. I am slowly gaining confidence with what settings to use, how to compose an image, and paying more and more attention to light.

An old friend asked if I would photograph her engagement photos–I didn’t hesitate to say yes (after warning the happy couple that the end result could be iffy, considering I’d never done this before). So ready with a few {prime} locations and my {prime} 50mm f1.8, we set off to capture the contagious love of Jennie & David.

how could you not have fun with such blissfully happy subjects?

I would totally do it again.

20 thoughts on “I’m ok at photographing people that I know

  1. Golly, the second one is just especially “blissful”…the black and white adds a really serious urban/vintage photo art look, but it all contrasts so ironically with their brilliant smiles. Smashing work. :)

  2. Those are some great shots! I especially like them on the bench with the tree in the foreground. I have trouble with taking “blog worthy” pictures of people. Just shooting away, that’s fine…but when I want it to be “good”, it just doesn’t seem to work.

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