Color is everything, dahhhhling

… in this case I’m not talking about photos. I’m talking about lipstick. Yes, sometimes I wear it. And sometimes (meaning this one time) I’m so confident in a brand, I order it online. Poppy King for J. Crew: the perfect hue of coral with a hint of red.

J. Crew and their collaborations have done it again.

p.s. I just realized I should probably have a picture of it on a pair of lips…

{Homework assignment for the weekend}

Color vs. B&W

How can photos look so different in color vs. black and white? Why do they have such different impacts when you look at them?

Flowers-Black and White
Flowers-in full color

I prefer the black and white version, because the color version looks ordinary. Two yellow flowers. That’s for amateurs (ha, like me). But in the black and white one, the yellow transforms into what appears to be white, and brings out the extreme contrast between the dark and the light. What do you think?


So apparently I have a new fondness for photographing wheat. It’s just a good looking plant.

Side note: this is where the title of my blog originated: photographing people is hard. So for now, I’m sticking to things that don’t move so much and don’t know what awkward looks like.

Technically not “wheat”
Dandelion-Discovery Park
Wheat-Discovery Park
Wheat-Anacortes Barn

Martha Stewart’s Lentil-Walnut Burger

You know how your mother always taught you to not eat cookie dough? Because of the raw egg? Well, I never listened. And I didn’t just eat the cookie dough… I also went for the cake batter, waffle batter, bread dough, etc. It’s made in a kitchen aid? I’ll eat it. And I’ve found something to add to the list: Martha Stewart’s lentil walnut burgers.

Martha Stewart's Lentil-Walnut BurgerMartha Stewart’s Lentil-Walnut Burger

The photo doesn’t do it justice

(mostly because I was too hungry to do much more than eat it)


I know the idea of a blog is supposed to encourage creativity and candid-ness. Which is why I figured it would help me push my personal boundaries. In photography specifically… for example, a couple of nights ago, I was driving home and saw a gorgeous almost full-moon. My head thought, “beautiful. prettttty. good-looking solar system… ok, that’s enough, move on,” but then in the beauty of blogging, I grabbed my camera and sat on the sidewalk for 15 minutes. Shooting photos. Terrible photos. I would show you them, except that I immediately erased them because they were so unacceptable. But without this platform, I wouldn’t have tried that, and consequentially wouldn’t know that I have no concept of the appropriate settings to photograph the moon.

So much self-discovery.

Quinoa=full protein

Did you know quinoa is a full protein? At least that’s what my mom told me. It can be really bland on its own, but it’s not difficult to mask its sad blah-boring taste with more exciting things. Like cheese multiple cheeses.

Side note: the tomatoes are only for looks. Cannot guarantee they will enhance the flavors of the dish.

Baked Quinoa-New York Times Recipe

baked quinoa gruyere recipeBaked Quinoa Recipe